Propeller clock

Pierre Boucrault & Lilian Delaveau (14/15, 1st year) The physical phenomenon used in this project is a bit different from the one used in movies where the beta effect is used: it happens when two images with a slight shift are displayed in a short time frame. Our brain automatically associates it to a movement […]

Repas: dynamic partial reconfiguration for space applications

Adrien Thiery, Alexandre Blondin & Igor Valet (14/15, 2nd year) In space, electronic components are vulnerable to radiations which may provoke misbehaviors. Generally, such components are armored and reinforced. It limits the complexity of embedded functions; furthermore, as they are produced in limited quantity, they are expensive… FPGAs seem to be an interesting solution for […]

Tracking system for marine life jackets

Sylvain Chatel & Yves Baudet (14/15, 1st year) The goal of this project was to build a connected life jacket (for instance, when a boat is sinking). Guillermo Marconi was the first to develop a long-scale telecommunication system between boats and the coast. MRCC¬† (Maritime Rescue Coordinating Center), VHF radios, AIS and GPS protocols: everything […]